Mesmerized official video (long version)

Directed by Fogarasi Gergely
Forthcoming on StayFly Records

Catch EP out on Shark VIP

Sunday’s Slave (Nick Cave cover)

Eyes closed (feat. Matisz Flóra)

Nem tetszik a rendszer remix contest


Download samples – Higher feat. Mira

Mira teams up with outstanding Hungarian dnb producer, Forthcoming on Subtitles.

Nem tetszik a rendszer

The protest song of the year in Hungary, with over 700,000 views on youtube. We produced the music :)

Completely music video

director: Ferenc Sebő Jr.

Cast and crew
Vera Mérő as Hera
Réka Ágnes Tóth as Aphrodite
Bea Egyed as Athene

art director: Andrea Kozma
DOP: Daniel Korodi
focus puller: Evelin Tóth
makeup: Natasa Kovalik
assistant to Natasa: Dorottya Nagy
hair stylist: Koczka
producer: Szilveszter Sváb-Kovács
cricket trainer: Tamás Király
director’s assistant: Petra Szűcs

music: Mira Eszter Nagy, Miklós Preiszner, Andor Tóth

special thanks to Máté Bartha

Soul Collector official video (forthcoming on Shark VIP 001)

This is our first video, which was shot in Istanbul, November 2010. The tune itself is coming out on DJ Trace’s new London-based label, Shark VIP

Soul Collector / Goddess on Shark VIP 001

Soul Collector / Goddess forthcoming on Shark VIP, November 2011

cover design by Sasvári Gergely (aka Mindscape)
Shark VIP 001 front cover Shark VIP back cover
Shark VIP 001 labels

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